Myth Or Truth: Walking Is An Effective Way To Lose Weight



Running events are a sport that has become a great place lately, this is because, in addition to cheap, running is also easy and efficient. This is the main reason many people choose this sport compared to other sports.


If cycling activity definitely requires a bike, so does swimming that clearly requires a swimming pool. Sports running is easy as it only requires sports shoes.


But there are a few in your circles who definitely do not like to run. Especially for those who are overweight. Physical conditions limit your movements. Of course, running has greater benefits as running requires more heavy work than walking. But with proper technique and discipline walking can also be an easy way for you to lose weight.


Researchers from the London School of Economics found that those who walk leisurely for 30 minutes each day tend to have a body mass index lower, even of those who diligently worked in the gym.


Nah..easy way easy step to keep gorgeous guys!




This exercise can be done at any time and anywhere either at home, at the office, at shopping complexes and others. The benefits? Here we served you a list.


  1. Lose weight.
  2. Boost the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.
  3. Controls blood pressure and prevents the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
  4. Reduce the risk of diabetes. Walking improves the body’s ability to process sugar better and helps to smooth blood flow.
  5. Controls body weight and help shape the body to be attractive.
  6. Reduce stress. Walking helps stimulate the production of endorphins hormones that make us more cheerful and healthy.
  7. Maintain muscle strength.
  8. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  9. Maintain stability and reduce the risk of falling especially for senior citizens.
  10. Ability to increase self-confidence




How to start this simple and relaxing activity? It’s easy. Follow the guidelines below which we have provided.


  • Set goals. If you have never done any kind of exercise for a long time, start slowly and in short distance.


  • Find the right place to walk. It should be flat and not harmful. For example in your residential area.


  • Set a time period. Make sure the timeframe set according to your body’s capacity. Never force yourself!


  • Increase the speed and difficulty level. If you have succeeded in achieving the above goals, you may be able to think of increasing speeds and trying to walk in areas like the recreational park.


  • Walk with family members and friends. If you feel uncomfortable and lack the pleasure of walking alone, you can invite family members or friends to work together on this exercise. Walking with your accompanying friends will make the activities fun and easy to get bored.




To initiate or conduct any activity or work you must know the techniques and the proper way. If not the things you do will be in vain because it probably will not have an impact on you.


Here are the techniques of walking properly. In addition to losing weight, you can also improve your health level more optimally.


  • Make sure the heel area reaches the ground before the other side of the foot. The initial stage, short steps are sufficient.


  • Swing your arms. By swinging your hands will give you more impact such as helping burn more calories and strengthening the muscles at the top of your body. This suggests that walking exercises not only benefits the lower muscles but also involves the muscles at the top of your body.


  • Align the back of your body. To make sure you are in good posture. Align the back of your body and look forward.


  • Control the respiratory tract. While walking makes sure your breathing is organized. If you feel that your breathing is getting worse, you need to reduce the speed and if you can not afford to stop.


  • To add more variations while you are running you can set targets at specific times to increase speed and lower speed.


  • If able, you can use a pedometer, a device to measure your footsteps. This tool is placed on your waist and it will calculate how many footsteps you have done on a daily basis. There is also a watch-shaped pedometer. Worth it if you have one of these pedometers.


  • Try to do the exercises at least 3 to 5 times a week.




There are many easy ways to make this walking activity unconscious. What is important is that you have to know how to find opportunities and make it an enjoyable exercise.


  • .You like climbing the hill? Climbing is also a great activity to practice these walking activities because as you walk on high surfaces, you must be aware that you become more tired and your heart rate is faster. More and more calories burned.


  • This is because while walking uphill, you will build more muscles that help increase metabolic rate. It is advisable to lean forward slightly and slow down your speed while walking to avoid stress.


  • If you live in a house that has an elevator like an apartment or a condo, you can try to minimize the use of a lift. Instead, use more stairs. Should not you be able to use the elevator only half-way, the rest of it you can use the stairs to get to the house


  • Park your car or motorcycle away from where you want to go. For example, if you want to go to the shopping complex or to the office, you can park your vehicle a little further from the entrance.


  • In the office, do not just sit still in the chair and face the work on the computer. Also, work in the workplace. But remember not to let your boss get mad over too many walks without doing the job!


  • Bring the family for a walk in the park is a good proposal. Besides being able to do exercise you can also spend time with your family and play with your kids.


  • Play a song while walking so that you will not bored. Singing along while walking. Enjoy the moment.




To help to streamline weight loss programs and add fun elements, follow the week-long walking program below.How fast should you go? Measure your efforts, or the level of energy released, using a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as your all-out effort.



Walk fast (scale 6) for 25-30 minutes. You can stop for a while but keep walking in slower rate (scale 3) and start with scale 6 after gaining your energy.



Walk fast (scale 7-8) for 30 seconds for your heart pump. Then walk slowly (scale 4) for 20-30 minutes.



Take challenge and excitement alternately. Every three minutes, stopping to perform one of the following interval exercises, continue for 30 seconds: lunges, push-ups, running with raised knees, jumping jack, squat. Repeat for a total of 20-30 minutes. Walk slowly for 20 minutes. (scale 3)



Train your hands and shoulders by running the resistance bands. Every three minutes, while walking, hold the end of the resistance band and stretch it in front of the shoulder-shoulder chest. Go 10 to 15 times, then continue walking. (6-7 scale)



Combine the exercises this week into one great exercise. Take two minutes of easy walk (scale 6), two minutes interval: 30 sec lunge, squat, followed by two minutes five-foot and 30-second resistance band, then two minutes walk seven scales. Repeat up to a total of 20-30 minutes.



Take a leisurely walk with friends (scale 6). Pull the stomach inside while stepping.



Take a leisurely walk with a friend (scale 6-7). Do it for 30 minutes.




Do not ever drink sweet drink while walking because it will add calories that you have burned. Bring along the plain water. Drink a lot of plain water as you will dehydrate while walking.


You know the benefit of green tea? Please be a queen and king of this tea. This green tea very useful and effective in losing weight. So after having a walking exercise, you can serve a cup of green tea. Add a spoon of honey and feel the tasty daily.




Myths or True Walking Can Lose Weight? It turns out that on a daily basis your weight can be reduced. But you need to remember to lose weight you need discipline. Follow correct tips and techniques.

You may not have seen a significant effect after a week but your weight loss is definitely decreased. Keep on trying to lose weight. This simple exercise does not require capital and you should enjoy it.

To be successful in your training, combined with a healthier diet. Set in your mind.

I want to lose weight! I want to lose weight! I want to lose weight!


Good luck guys!



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